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Pepe Jeans

More sales, less inventory

Pepe Jeans has improved their return on inventory by implementing Nextail. With advanced analytics and process automation, Pepe Jeans has lowered coverage levels while meeting demand across stores and channels. Initial roll-out took place in UK stores, quickly being adopted in other core markets, both offline and online.

“Nextail gives us a unified, bottom-up view of inventory and uses the freshest data for demand sensing across channels for totally automated, data-driven replenishments. That’s why we are able to capture sales opportunities across our own network of stores and channels as well as marketplaces.”

Javier Figar DTC Senior Director at Pepe Jeans

River Island

Building the future of retail

River Island knows that to really be at the forefront of retail you must take an agile, data-driven approach to core processes like merchandising. By partnering with Nextail to leverage data and advanced technologies, River Island is able to offer a great customer experience while achieving a strong return on inventory.

“Nextail has proven its impact both in terms of its sophisticated technology and retail expertise. Nextail always has answers to our questions or have at least considered every possible scenario that might arise, and this makes us feel very assured.”

Mark Rowe Womenswear Merchandising Manager

Concept Group

Advancing digital transformation goals

Leading multi-brand fashion retailer Concept Group partners with Nextail to help drive digital transformation in its core merchandising operations. Powered by artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics, Concept Group is transforming their replenishment and distribution processes to better meet hyper-local demand and reduce waste.

“We chose Nextail because it is known for its level of sophistication and its potential to disrupt an industry that needs it more than ever. Implementing Nextail is aligned with our overall objective of actively bringing about the transformation we need at both organizational and operational levels to prepare our business for a data-driven future. Nextail will help us achieve this goal.”

Elena Bogomolova CEO of Concept Group

Neck & Neck

More full-price sales, fewer discounts

Established in 1993, Neck & Neck is a leading Spanish kidswear brand that offers exclusive designs for newborns and children up to 14 years of age. The brand offers high-quality products and styles for every occasion as well as school uniforms. Neck & Neck operates internationally in 17 countries.

“We chose Nextail as our inventory solution given its expertise in retail, its sophisticated technology, and their great team.”

Mario Hernandez Head of Data & Business Controlling at Neck & Neck

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