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Case Studies

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75+ years of heritage transformed by data

After a quick and smooth implementation of Nextail Store Transfers, Cortefiel saw an immediate impact on sales and was able to reduce manual work from hours to approximately just 5 minutes. Due to such strong results, Nextail the Cortefiel-Nextail partnership expanded across the Tendam Group to brands Women’secret, Springfield, Pedro del Hierro, and Hoss Intropia.

"After our initial partnership, both head office and stores - where information is actually received and the work actually takes place - were happy with the results, both in terms of the implementation, the numbers, and the impact it was having on our operations. From that point on, the partnership expanded to other Tendam brands.”

MARÍA JOSE BRAZO GUERRA Planning & Distribution Coordinator (Menswear) for Cortefiel & Pedro del Hierro at Tendam

Hackett London

Immediate bottom-line impact through improved merchandising efficiency

Just two months after implementing Nextail AI solutions, Hackett London saw double-digit growth at Nextail-managed physical stores and were able to automate formerly manual tasks, empowering teams with and more time for value-added activities. The premium menswear retailer has also been able to increase the sustainability of their operations by reducing unnecessary international stock movements.

“Looking at like-for-like data, within two months, we saw double-digit growth across the Nextail Stores.”

DANIEL JENKINS Hackett London Merchandise Manager, D2C & Ecommerce


Centralizing & streamlining inventory management across all channels

The implementation of Nextail enables Merkal to adopt an agile, unified strategy and to automate and optimize inventory management such as stock movements for better efficiency and sell-through.

"Since we began working with Nextail, we’ve gained better traceability and visibility which enables better inventory management.”


Pepe Jeans

More sales, less inventory

Pepe Jeans has improved their return on inventory by implementing Nextail. With advanced analytics and process automation, Pepe Jeans has lowered coverage levels while meeting demand across stores and channels. Initial roll-out took place in UK stores, quickly being adopted in other core markets, both offline and online.

“Nextail gives us a unified, bottom-up view of inventory and uses the freshest data for demand sensing across channels for totally automated, data-driven replenishments. That’s why we are able to capture sales opportunities across our own network of stores and channels as well as marketplaces.”

Javier Figar DTC Senior Director at Pepe Jeans

River Island

Building the future of retail

River Island knows that to really be at the forefront of retail you must take an agile, data-driven approach to core processes like merchandising. By partnering with Nextail to leverage data and advanced technologies, River Island is able to offer a great customer experience while achieving a strong return on inventory.

“Nextail has proven its impact both in terms of its sophisticated technology and retail expertise. Nextail always has answers to our questions or have at least considered every possible scenario that might arise, and this makes us feel very assured.”

Mark Rowe Womenswear Merchandising Manager


The power of agile retail for a faster post-COVID-19 recovery

By leveraging fresh, granular data, Aristocrazy was able to tackle the many challenges brought on by the COVID-19 health and economic crisis, and turn them into opportunities. They're able to manage issues with distorted and missing data, uneven and shifting demand across the store networks, and growing demand from online channels with agility and efficiency.

“What I really liked about Nextail was that they kept it simple. And I think that's core to their philosophy, and what makes it such a great success in all honesty.”

Sinead O'Keeffe Aristocrazy Product Manager