Continuous merchandise planning for

Fashion apparel

Get assortments and availability right for large collections of fast-turning products to maximize sales and full-price sell-through from season start to finish.


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Your challenges, solved.

Apparel retailers require efficiency, forecast accuracy, and speed when it comes to the merchandise planning of large, complex assortments and fast-moving inventory.

Optimized availability

Make sure the right styles and sizes are available across your channels and points of sale through hyper-local demand forecasting and size curve analysis.

Fewer markdowns

SKU/point of sale forecasts enable you meet demand without overstocking in order to free up working capital and reduce markdowns and excess inventory.

Eliminate manual work

Automate merchandising processes to liberate teams from tasks they’d normally carry out over spreadsheets and traditional systems, gaining efficiency and time.

The right displays

Set visual merchandising rules to ensure that allocations, replenishments and rebalancing executions maintain the right look in stores.


Nextail speaks your language

Apparel retailers need to ensure the right availability across their channels and points of sale with agility and precision to align inventory decisions with ongoing demand.

Maximize assortment profitability

Create holistic, omnichannel baseline assortment plans that align your goals with real demand. Teams can then refine, recalculate, and iterate in a digital workspace until they have the perfect assortment for each channel.

An image of a fashion apparel product and its availability on the Nextail platform

Pre-allocate incoming stock

Send waybills to your warehouses in advance, giving them enough time to prepare to send the right stock to stores as quickly as possible. No more waiting until stock arrives, no overstocking stores, and no more missed sales due to delays.

A woman holding a brown sweater and a screen indicating the proposed units to allocate of this fashion apparel product.

Agility and better availability

Incorporate an intelligent holdback strategy at the beginning of the season, allocating enough units to meet demand while keeping more units available in your warehouse so they can be dynamically replenished according to ongoing demand patterns later.

An image of a casual pink t-shirt on the Nextail platform, displaying this fashion apparel product's price and number of units sold.

Rebalance and extend full-price sales

Nextail will continue achieving full-price sales and profitability even at the end of a product’s lifecycle or season by rebalancing apparel inventory and joining up broken size sets to meet ongoing demand.

An image of the estimated sales lift for a specific fashion apparel product should it be transferred to a higher-potential sales location.
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