Continuous merchandise planning for

Lingerie & swimwear

Meet demand for alluring, intimate, and stylish lingerie and swimwear while maximizing profits through perfectly curated blends of styles, sizes, fit and trends at every sales destination.


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Your challenges, solved.

Nextail empowers lingerie and swimwear retailers to tackle the distinct inventory challenges related to size variations, seasonal demand fluctuations, and precise point of sale placements, enabling them to continuously align merchandise planning decisions with customer demand.

Seasonal events

Automatically forecast and detect sales uplift generated by major events such as Valentine’s day, replenishing enough items to capture sales opportunities without overstocking.

Perfect availability

Make sure the right styles, sizes, fits and sets are available across your channels and points of sale through hyper-local demand forecasting and size curve analysis.

Lower logistical costs

Determine the ideal packing format to reduce logistical costs related to picking and handling by sending sets of single-size packs or multi-size pre-packs.


Nextail speaks your language

Lingerie and swimwear retailers need to manage complex items and sets with agility and precision to align inventory decisions with ongoing demand.

Maximize assortment profitability

Create holistic, omnichannel baseline assortment plans that align your goals with real demand. Teams can then refine, recalculate, and iterate in a digital workspace until they have the perfect assortment for each channel.

A black lingerie or swimwear set in the Nextail platform displaying the number of units sold.

Rebalance size sets for more full-price sales

Nextail takes advantage of every last sales opportunity by automatically determining how to best rebalance end-of-season inventory and moving them to the points of sale where they have the highest likelihood of achieving full-price sales.

Nextail platform images displaying the estimated sales uplift and number of units of a piece of lingerie or swimwear to move in a store transfer scenario.

Manage identical carryover items

Nextail simplifies the management of items that span multiple seasons or years by enabling you to link items that differ by SKU but are otherwise identical. This makes it possible to aggregate their demand history under a single reference for more efficient, long-term management.

Image of a black swimsuit in the Nextail platform displaying identical products with different reference numbers.

Maintain the right store image all season

Perfect each store display by setting visual merchandising parameters such as minimum display rules by SKU-store combination, the percentage of each size available in each store, and even block certain items from reaching specific stores. Nextail recommendations will respect each one.

Nextail platform images displaying the sell-through and sales pace of lingerie and swimwear items.
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“In comparison with other tools and solutions we’ve seen, Nextail is the easiest to use and is much more user-friendly. You can clearly understand what you’re doing and the impact of your choices which helps to optimize results. Other solutions we’ve seen can actually make things more complicated and confusing, making you less prone to want to use it. That’s not the case with Nextail.”

– Luis Miguel Varo Mesa, Director of Planning & Distribution for Hoss Intropia, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro at Tendam

“With the right products at the right places and right times, Nextail is empowering us to carry less inventory in stores which means we don’t need to overcompensate by producing more product than necessary. That’s the difference between letting AI and data guide our allocation and replenishment instead of gut feeling.”

– Hanna Gerhardsson, Gina Tricot Chief Allocator

“At River Island, we saw the opportunity to future-proof our core merchandising
processes in a way that fits with the overall transformation we’ve made across
the business. We were eager to partner with Nextail to use data in a way we
never had before, helping us to become more agile in our decision-making in
order to benefit our customers.”

– Susanne Robbins, Supply Chain Director

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