Continuous merchandise planning for

Jewelry & Accessories

From individual pieces to trendsetting collections, the right availability of unique and limited items in the right place at the right time is critical to upholding the brand values of retailers offering jewelry and accessories.


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Your challenges, solved.

To keep up with changing customer demand, you need to make agile, precise inventory decisions at speed. Nextail meets the unique challenges that jewelry and accessories retailers face today.

Precise demand forecasting

Granular, forward-looking demand forecasting considers seasonality and elasticity, giving you time to distribute strategically and maximize sales during demand peaks.

Manage intricate size curves

Automatically assess the nuances of size curves by location. Optimize the availability of popular sizes and redirect less common ones to channels with higher sales potential.

Intelligent product association

Link similar products under a single reference, such as never-out-of-stock or essential bijoux to manage, distribute or visualize as a single, aggregated style.

Simulate campaign scenarios

Gain foresight through robust simulations that help you confidently and strategically decide which actions align with demand patterns, optimizing sales potential across entire campaigns.


Nextail speaks your language

Jewelry and accessories retailers need to manage pieces and collections precisely and move with changes in demand at speed and scale.

The right depth for best-selling items

Nextail automatically analyzes demand for top-selling pieces by location, size and set so you can maximize availability and customer satisfaction, while reducing lost sales.

A screen displaying the availability of a particular piece of jewelry

Optimal availability for each seasonal event

Don’t get stuck with overstocks at the end of a peak period. Nextail adopts a granular approach which is crucial prior to sales events, replenishing inventory based on forecasted demand for each item and location to capture dynamic sales increases efficiently.

A Nextail platform screen displaying the availability of jewelry and accessories at a specific store.

Avoid stockouts

Hit reorder windows accurately for continuity pieces based on real demand patterns at SKU/point of sale level to ensure warehouse stock levels that avoid stockouts.

An image of an apple charm bracelet in the Nextail platform that displays its availability in a jewelry and accessories store and weeks of cover.
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“With Nextail Allocation and Replenishment, our store availability has improved, the accuracy of our allocations is better, and we’re able to look at every store and determine how to allocate when products arrive instead of far in advance. And it’s something that logically you could do it, but physically you couldn’t because of the level of decision making and data you’d need.”

– Lorraine Bottomley, CEO of DCK

“Prior to Nextail, all the solutions we’d been working with had been very complicated and convoluted. We were always trying to perfect every little thing prior to the launch, and it ended up being more complicated and made the whole journey very cumbersome. What I really like about Nextail is that they kept it simple. It’s core to their philosophy, and what makes it such a great success.”

– Sinead O’Keeffe, Product Manager

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