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Start your journey to AI-driven Merchandise Planning with confidence

From onboarding to ongoing success reviews, our team of fashion, solution and technical experts enable a rapid start and provide continued support to ensure Nextail meets your evolving business goals.


See real results to margins and business performance in weeks

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sales increase
Improve availability for more full-price sales & better margins

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stock coverage
Free up writing capital though 
efficient stock levels & fewer leftovers

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Gain operational efficiency by automating & standardizing processes

Organizational impact: Empowered agile teams and processes

Nextail doesn’t just make life easier, it transforms the way retailers “retail” from head office all the way to points of sale. Instead of having to dedicate time to manual tasks and intuition-based decisions, Nextail frees up valuable time, delivering data-based decisions. Best yet, the decisions keep getting better over time thanks to AI and machine learning algorithms.

Economic impact: Measurable value in just weeks

It’s easy to get up and running with Nextail because of its lightweight integration and ongoing support from our team of retail experts. In less than a month, you’ll see tangible returns and results from the very first execution.

Sustainable impact: Less excess inventory, fewer leftovers

Trim down excess inventory from start to finish, naturally lowering your environmental impact. By helping you match your merchandise planning with the reality of demand at all times, you’re empowered to make more responsible choices with resources that also benefit your retail business.

“At River Island, we saw the opportunity to future-proof our core merchandising
processes in a way that fits with the overall transformation we’ve made across
the business. We were eager to partner with Nextail to use data in a way we
never had before, helping us to become more agile in our decision-making in
order to benefit our customers.”

– Susanne Robbins, Supply Chain Director

“Nextail has been instrumental in helping us achieve three critical goals in the highly competitive footwear industry: optimizing store capacity through increased sales with less stock, reducing lost sales opportunities due to stockouts, and enhancing size availability in stores through better consolidation. With Nextail, we have been able to completely transform our core merchandising processes and improve our overall business performance.”

– Alberto García, CSCO of Merkal

Set yourself up for success with
ongoing fashion, solution and technical expert support


We automate the upload of your data to Nextail
Then, we assess its quality
You'll have all of the operational and IT support you need


Our team of experts will provide full training
We'll work together to align Nextail to your specific business needs
You won't be left unprepared: we'll happily supervise your first executions


You can count on our support even when you're using Nextail autonomously
You'll automatically receive release updates, so you'll always have the latest version
We'll keep you up to speed with training and release news


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