Continuous merchandise planning for

Outdoor and sportswear

Maximize sales and full-price sell-through for diverse and highly seasonal performance gear and garments from pre-season planning to in-season execution.

Your challenges, solved.

Nextail fuels outdoor and sportswear retailers with innovation through AI-driven merchandising and state-of-the-art demand forecasting, reducing time-consuming manual work and operational complexity.

Precise demand forecasting

Granular, forward-looking demand forecasts consider seasonality and elasticity, giving you time to distribute strategically and maximize sales during demand peaks.

Reduce missed sales opportunities

Rebalance limited, high-value items at the end of the season to capture every last sales opportunity.

Prepare for major sporting events

Automatically consider the sales uplift generated by major sporting events based on previous years’ demand to ensure appropriate replenishment in advance.


Nextail speaks your language

Outdoor & sportswear retailers must ensure their highly seasonal inventory is continuously aligned with the reality of demand to offer customer-centric assortments with the right availability.

Reduce carryover items

Dynamically replenish inventory and rebalance it at the end of the season based on forecasted demand to reduce items that get carried over from season to season.

Displays of outdoor and sportswear sell-through and weekly sales pace levels.

Forecast demand for new items or those with a low rate of sale

Nextail leverages data from comparable items from the past or present, and attributes like style, color or fabric to accurately generate demand forecasts for products with limited sales history or sporadic sales patterns.

An image of a woman in sports and outerwear and a waterproof backpack including information on its store availability and coverage weeks.

Optimal availability for every sales event

Nextail adopts a granular approach which is crucial prior to sales events, replenishing inventory based on forecasted demand for each item and location to capture dynamic sales increases efficiently.

Nextail platform screens displaying the availability of a sports and outwear product and value in forecasted sales.
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