Assortment Planning Software

Improved assortment planning for full-price sales, all season long.

Perfectly curated assortments at each point of sale and each point in time to maximize sales and boost profitability by 2%.
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profit margin

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annual sales

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Focus on customer satisfaction and
reach business goals

Instantly create a holistic, omnichannel baseline assortment plan that aligns your goals with real demand.
Then teams can refine, recalculate, and repeat until they have the perfect assortment for each channel.

Dive deeper

Slice, dice or filter granular data at any level. Visual, aggregated reports help you spot quick wins like emerging trends, stockouts, and ROI.

Meet goals

Set budgetary targets and further delimit by products and quantities. Nextail calculates billions of combinations to pick the one needle-in-the-haystack scenario to best reach them.

Iterative and dynamic

Work across multiple dimensions and teams at once, refining and recalculating with alternate times, quantities, and attributes instantly.

Faster time-to-market

Update your plan in season based on performance and changing trends to streamline introductions and get trending items on shelves faster.


Continuous assortment curation made simple

Continuously evaluate tradeoffs among product options for creating clean and lean assortment structures for different regions and channels, with our assortment planning software.

Your collection made digital

Dig into hundreds of micro decisions that are impossible to uncover through grids and racks and racks of garments. Digital placeholders combine product visualization with intelligence to accelerate decision cycles so you can spot opportunities and “ah ha!” moments faster.

Estimate new product demand

Nextail can help you understand how well any product will perform in comparison with others in its category, even if it’s a new introduction with limited past performance data.

Pinpoint the SKUs to keep, retire or introduce

Key to a great assortment is offering the right number of products in each category. Nextail identifies the sweet spot where quantities align with demand so you know the tradeoff between cannibalization and having more sales opportunities.

Watch the video

Assortment planning in action

“In comparison with other tools and solutions we’ve seen, Nextail is the easiest to use and is much more user-friendly. You can clearly understand what you’re doing and the impact of your choices which helps to optimize results. Other solutions we’ve seen can actually make things more complicated and confusing, making you less prone to want to use it. That’s not the case with Nextail.”

– Luis Miguel Varo Mesa, Director of Planning & Distribution for Hoss Intropia, Cortefiel, Pedro del Hierro at Tendam

“It was imperative that our backroom processes were as robust as possible but also offered great agility because delivering a perfect customer experience is only as good as the operations that support it. This is why we selected Nextail. Offering more than best-in-class merchandise planning, they also provide the synergies between the high-efficiency world of fast fashion and the curated world of luxury that we need the most.”

– Silvia Zunino, Head of Merchandising at Valextra

“By automating a lot of merchandising tasks with Nextail, teams will have more time to concentrate on more creative ways to improve sales. When they have space to be more creative, wonderful things can happen.”

– Diego Andériz, CEO Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Spain

Trusted by leading retailers

Nextail is built to meet the merchandising and planning needs of retailers across a range of industries:

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Powered by Nextail

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to serve you with one unified view of your merchandising performance and capabilities.

And the more solutions you plug in, the more powerful it gets.


Deploy with confidence

Our retail experts are here to make launching with Nextail smooth and simple.
Less than a month in, you’ll be able to see results and measure impact.


We’ll check and import your existing data


We’ll train your team and supervise first executions


You’ll see
tangible results
within a month

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