Why we’re passionate about transforming core merchandising operations in fashion retail

We're driven to help fashion retailers thrive and break down the barriers that prevent them from meeting customer demand across their points of sale by way of advanced, yet intuitive, AI and machine learning solutions.
Nextail: About the company

Our approach

By connecting assortment planning, buy and inventory decisions to demand at the most granular level and across all points of sale, Nextail dramatically reduces overbuys, overstocks and markdowns, all while improving working capital and promoting sustainable, long-term operations.

Nextail harnesses the power of AI and advanced algorithms to drive faster decision cycles and automate complex merchandising processes. This enables fashion retailers to  respond swiftly, confidently and at scale to changing market dynamics, even as they grow. And while each Nextail solution is powerful on its own, they’re even better together.

Fashion brands and retailers that choose Nextail tap into years of cumulative industry experience and expertise. Together, we can make the fashion retail world a better, more sustainable place through merchandise planning and operations that are continuously aligned to demand.

Our Values

What drives us


We love solving complex issues through technology. We have fun working together and happily go the extra mile to achieve our goals.


We challenge the status quo, disrupting retail by combining the latest technology with creativity and fast-forwarding into the future.


We make the retail world a better place, by providing intelligent solutions that enable retailers to quickly react to customer needs.

Nextail leadership

Where our values come to life

Joaquin Villalba

Founder & Co-CEO

“My singular passion has always been finding innovative ways to enhance operational excellence in the dynamic world of fashion retail. It’s this relentless curiosity and commitment to improvement that drove me to create Nextail, where we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible through data and technology.”

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Juan Avedillo


Innovation is the heartbeat of transformation. It’s not just about embracing change; it’s about driving it. We’re relentless in testing new technologies and approaches that solve real fashion challenges. That’s why many of our R&D team members come from fashion retail backgrounds – we’re dedicated to making innovation meaningful and practical.”

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Celeste Carballo

Head of People & Culture

“My mission is to empower our team to drive industry transformation that has true impact. Together, we’re not just shaping our organization but also the future of the industry through collaboration, and excellence. With one in three team members having a background in fashion retail, we actively seek individuals who share a deep passion for fashion and a strong drive to make a lasting impact.”

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Our journey so far

We’ve come a long way in a short time, and we’ve got big plans for the future.

2014 – Nextail is founded

With humble beginnings, Nextail completed an early round with family and friends.

2016 – International expansion

Nextail begins to expand its operations and customer base internationally.

2017 – Awarded “Best Start-up”

Nextail won the ‘Best team’ and ‘Best start-up’ awards at South Summit.

2020 – Named “Technology Pioneer”

The World Economic Forum named Nextail “Technology Pioneer” for contributions to responsible consumption models for the benefit of business and society.

2022 – Platform expansion & scale

The Nextail platform grew in capabilities and scope, introducing the first pre-season solutions and joining forces with Snowflake, the world’s leading data cloud platform, to boost data processing power.

2023 – RTIH Innovation Award winners

Nextail and Flying Tiger Copenhagen were co-awarded “Best retailer – Retail tech supplier” at the 2023 Retail Technology Innovation Hub’s Innovation Awards.

Upcoming events

June 3, 2024 Shoptalk 2024

Interested in learning how AI enables retailers to offer customer-centric assortments and cut inventory carrying costs all season long? We'd...
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Industries we serve

From sandals to luxury gowns, and technical gear to rings, Nextail was built by retailers for fashion retailers.

Fashion Apparel

Get assortments and availability right for large collections of fast-turning products from preseason and all the way through to maximize...
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Fashion Footwear

From heels to sneakers, footwear is more than just attire - it's an identity. Meet demand and ensure profitability with...
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Jewelry & Accessories

From individual pieces to trendsetting collections, the right availability of unique and limited items is critical to upholding the brand...
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Outdoor and Sportswear

Maximize sales and full-price sell-through for diverse and highly seasonal performance gear and garments from pre-season planning to in-season execution.
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Lingerie and Swimwear

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our solution ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI...
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Luxury and Designer

In luxury, experience reigns supreme. Timely and precise placement of key items ensures you offer an experience that lives up...
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