Continuous merchandise planning for

Luxury & designer brands

In luxury, experience reigns supreme. Timely and precise placement of key items ensures you offer an experience that lives up to your customer promise.


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Your challenges, solved.

Perfectly align product availability with high-value customer intent to cater to the needs of your loyal clientele and safeguard your brand image.

Meet high-value intent

Ensure availability of the perfect styles and sizes for discerning customers across all channels and points of sale through automated replenishment.

Reduce missed sales

Rebalance limited items at the end of the season to prevent costly missed sales opportunities of luxury items.

Eliminate manual work

Customers expect the full attention of your staff. Automate time-consuming manual tasks and put your talent to better use.

Prepare for fashion events

Automatically consider the sales uplift generated by luxury events based on previous years’ demand to ensure appropriate replenishment in advance.


Nextail speaks your language

Your items are unique, exclusive and highly coveted. Nextail enables you to ensure that each item is available when and where you need it to meet unpredictable demand and maximize sales potential.

Forecast demand for new items or those with limited history

Nextail accurately forecasts demand for products with limited sales history and sporadic patterns, leveraging data from comparable items from the past or present, and product attributes like cut, color and fabric.

Image of a luxury and designer handbag in the Nextail platform displaying its price and number of units sold.

Improve inventory agility

Incorporate an intelligent holdback strategy at the beginning of the season, allocating enough units to meet demand while keeping more units available in your warehouse so they can be dynamically replenished according to ongoing demand patterns later.

Nextail platform images displaying the forecasted sales and sell out rate of a specific luxury and designer product.

Maintain the right store image all season

Perfect each store display by setting visual merchandising parameters, such as minimum display rules, by SKU-store combination, the percentage of each size available in each store, and even block certain items from reaching specific stores. Nextail recommendations will respect each one.

Image of a luxury and designer leather handbag within the Nextail platform, displaying weeks of cover and number of units in store.

Rebalance for availability where you need it

In luxury, the presence of the right products in the right location at the right time is an absolute necessity. Ensure that luxury items are meticulously positioned where discerning luxury clientele expect to find them, and rebalance inventory to continue meet customer demand.

Image of expected sales uplift and number of luxury and designer products to transfer within the Nextail platform.
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“It was imperative that our backroom processes were as robust as possible but also offered great agility because delivering a perfect customer experience is only as good as the operations that support it. This is why we selected Nextail. Offering more than best-in-class merchandise planning, they also provide the synergies between the high-efficiency world of fast fashion and the curated world of luxury that we need the most.”

– Silvia Zunino, Head of Merchandising at Valextra

“Looking at like-for-like data, within two months, we saw double-digit growth across the Nextail Stores.”

– Daniel Jenkins, Merchandise Manager, D2C & Ecommerce, Hackett London

“It was really easy to work with the Nextail team which is fantastic. Our teams were truly open to change, but implementing new technology is not simple, especially when it affects our daily work to such a degree. The Nextail team took the time to help us understand the logic of the solutions and the real benefits in terms of time and management that we would achieve.”

– María Jose Brazo Guerra, Planning & Distribution Coordinator for Cortefiel & Pedro del Hierro at Tendam

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