Continuous merchandise planning for

Fashion footwear

From heels to sneakers, footwear is more than just attire - it's an identity. Meet demand and ensure profitability with the right styles and sizes at every point of sale.


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Your challenges, solved.

Nextail empowers footwear retailers to meet unique style, size, fit as well as point of sale challenges, and maximize sales by aligning their merchandise planning decisions with true, ongoing customer demand.

The right styles & sizes where it matters

Make sure the right styles and sizes are available across your channels and points of sale through hyper-local demand forecasting and size curve analysis.

Fewer markdowns, less excess

SKU/point of sale-level forecasts help you meet demand across your network without overstocking, freeing up working capital and reducing markdowns and excess inventory.

Balance scarcity vs. capacity

Capture more sales of high-performing sizes and styles even when levels are scarce through dynamic, automated replenishments that automatically factor in store capacity.

Eliminate manual work

Automate merchandising processes to liberate teams from tasks they’d normally carry out over spreadsheets and traditional systems, gaining efficiency and time.


Nextail speaks your language

Footwear retailers must ensure availability of the right styles and sizes while also maximizing the profitability of their collections all season.

Maximize assortment profitability

Create holistic, omnichannel baseline assortment plans that align your goals with real demand. Teams can then refine, recalculate, and iterate in a digital workspace until they have the perfect assortment for each channel.

A pair of men's leather fashion footwear in the Nextail platform displaying a number of options and stores.

Respect display rules

By considering the visual display rules of each point of sale when calculating inventory planning scenarios, Nextail ensures you have the right amount of pairs and sizes on display at any given time – automatically.

Nextail platform screens showing applied business rules and forecasted sales for a fashion footwear product.

Maximize sales potential

Nextail strategically allocates shoes to channels or points of sale with the highest full-price selling potential, optimizing to prevent stockouts of high-rotation styles and sizes and to prevent storeroom overstocks of low-rotation styles and fringe sizes.

An image of a fashion footwear product in the Nextail platform displaying store availability and weeks of cover.

Rebalance and extend full-price sales

Nextail will continue achieving full-price sales and profitability even at the end of a product’s lifecycle or season by rebalancing footwear inventory to meet ongoing demand, such as by moving sandals to warm weather locations.

Nextail platform image of the estimated sales uplift and number of units of a fashion footwear product to transfer to another store.

“Nextail has been instrumental in helping us achieve three critical goals in the highly competitive footwear industry: optimizing store capacity through increased sales with less stock, reducing lost sales opportunities due to stockouts, and enhancing size availability in stores through better consolidation. With Nextail, we have been able to completely transform our core merchandising processes and improve our overall business performance.”

– Alberto García, CSCO of Merkal

“Nextail’s fashion-first approach, automation and advanced forecasting capabilities will help us best deliver on our customer promise to offer the best shoe brands at affordable prices and an excellent in-store experience across South Africa. By automating and optimizing our core retail merchandising processes, we can continue satisfying customers while ensuring a similar cost-to-serve as we expand our presence nationwide.”

– Neil Stephens, Footgear CEO

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