Inventory Analytics & Sales KPIs

Inventory insights for
ultimate business control

Switch on built-in and retail-specific dashboards for inventory analytics and sales KPIs that enable data-driven decision-making across your business.
Nextail includes aggregated replenishment analytics

Visibility of sales performance across your retail operations

Track sales performance across products and points of sale while gaining valuable inventory insights. Add on additional analytics for global sales, stock efficiency and more as you go.

Monday AM reports - everyday

Get the big picture on sales performance or drill down to product-store level for insights from last week or any point in the past.

Connected inventory insight

Drive data-driven decision-making across your business from merchandising teams, to supply chain and all the way to the store floor.

Sales trend analysis

Evaluate even the most subtle changes in demand through 15+ KPIs that are impacting sales.

Customizable dashboards

Enable teams through customizable dashboards that can align with specific business and reporting realities.


Continuous sales monitoring and inventory insight

Your single source of truth for all of inventory and sales data across your entire network to track and optimize ongoing season performance.

Understand sales performance and take action

Deep dive into key sales performance metrics through ready-to-go dashboards that display top products and stores by sales, coverage, lost sales, stockouts and even allow you to uncover unusual sales behavior so you can take immediate action.

Spot exceptions & determine where to add value

Easily toggle between a high level and detailed view of performance. Thanks to exception filtering, you can quickly uncover the products and stores that actually require attention, rather than manually gathering data and examining tedious spreadsheets.

Gain extra insight through add-on analytics

In addition to out-of-the-box reports, you can add on more advanced analytics as you need them for even richer assessments for data-driven decision-making. Analyze performance by season or gain an aggregated view of allocations, replenishments, inventory rebalancing and more.

“Nextail has been well received among our inventory management and sales teams. Since we began working with Nextail, we’ve gained better traceability and visibility which enables better inventory management.”

– Alberto García, CSCO of Merkal

“In the past, you’d have to prepare and try to process all of the data on products and variables yourself, but with Nextail, the execution is very robust and the outcome is beautiful and even feels satisfying. And that’s a common sentiment across our different teams since all of this information is available to our different stakeholders – from management, designers, merchandisers, buyers, all the way to store staff.”

– Alok Dharadhar, Head of Nexon Omniverse & Nextail Project Manager

“In addition to the positive business results we have achieved, Nextail has been instrumental in transforming our mindset as a company. Today, as a data-driven organization, we possess a deeper understanding of our customers and how Gina Tricot can continually evolve to deliver on our promise of ‘making women smile’ as we advance on our growth goals.”

– Par Linder, Chief Customer Officer


Powered by Nextail

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to serve you with one unified view of your merchandising performance and capabilities.

And the more solutions you plug in, the more powerful it gets.


Deploy with confidence

Our retail experts are here to make launching with Nextail smooth and simple.
Less than a month in, you’ll be able to see results and measure impact.


We’ll check and import your existing data


We’ll train your team and supervise first executions


You’ll see
tangible results
within a month

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