Automatic Replenishment System

Intelligent allocation,
Automated Replenishment

Slash manual workload by 75% and improve availability to maximize full-price sell-through with reduced markdowns.
Nextail fashion allocation and replenishment


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All of your products where they’re most likely to sell at full-price

Boost in-season product availability to reduce stockouts, missed sales and markdowns while achieving better sell-through for continuity and seasonal items.

Reduce overstocks

Allocate enough stock to meet initial demand and achieve sales without overstocking.

Stay flexible

No more overstocks and markdowns in some stores and stockouts in others. Reduce cover without impacting sales.

Avoid simplification

Assign warehouse and DC stock to the exact store or channel with the highest sales probability, avoiding oversimplified clustering.

Results in minutes

The most profitable SKU/PoS/day allocation and replenishment recommendations from billions of combinations, delivered in minutes.


Continuously align in-season inventory decisions with in-market demand

No matter the channel, no matter how demand changes. Continuously fine-tune inventory availability with replenishment and inventory allocation software that captures every last sales opportunity without overstocking.

Tailored to fit your fashion strategy

Automated allocation and replenishment recommendations account for fashion business needs and constraints like prepacks, blocks, visual rules, sales thresholds, minimum displays, min/max store orders and maximum store capacities.

Maximize sales probability

Increase the likelihood of each unit being sold at full price across your network via optimization to consider factors such as dynamic size curves, minimum and maximum order quantities, smart prioritization, multi-pricing, and automatic tradeoff between store demand and warehouse availability, among many others.

Auto-detected seasonality, events & promotions

Nextail AI and Machine Learning can identify the unique seasonality of each product-store combination for accurate forecasts even with low (or no) data. And event and promotion detection seamlessly integrates these factors into forecasts so you can maximize sales opportunities without overstocking.

Trusted by leading retailers

Nextail is built to meet the merchandising and planning needs of retailers across a range of industries:

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Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to serve you with one unified view of your merchandising performance and capabilities.

And the more solutions you plug in, the more powerful it gets.


Deploy with confidence

Our retail experts are here to make launching with Nextail smooth and simple.
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