Your platform for continous
Merchandise Planning

How Nextail works:

The Nextail merchandise planning platform allows fashion businesses to continuously align their planning and execution decisions with market needs by incorporating hyper-local demand forecasting, global inventory optimization and AI-powered decision automation into their core merchandising operations.


To handle the industry’s complex demand patterns and vast dataset, Nextail’s fashion-specific forecasting algorithms were developed to be explainable, actionable and robust.

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Optimization & business rules

Demand forecasting is just the start of the story. State-of-the-art decision optimization models consider your unique business criteria, inventory availability and visual rules to further optimize inventory decisions. 

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Fast, scalable,
Data-driven Decisions

Powered by the Snowflake data-cloud, Nextail delivers the processing power and storage you need no matter how your business needs change or data requirements grow.

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Why Nextail?

Fashion-focused tech with a purpose

We’re fully committed to solving the industry’s most critical challenges. From constant exploration of the latest technology, to rigorous stress-testing at every stage of development, we ensure everything we create delivers real value.

The outcome is mission-critical merchandise planning technology that enables data-driven decision-making and insight for unparalleled customer experiences and more profitability.

Two data scientists working around a laptop in the Netail office

A simple, visual and
data-driven approach

Nextail simplifies the way you visualize your data, making for quick adoption and an experience that merchandisers and planners love, because it was built by merchandisers themselves.

Nextail delivers advanced insights that help you better understand the “how” and the “why” behind the algorithms so you can take action with confidence.

A Nextail Inventory analytics and sales KPIs dashboard displaying top products and stores by sales, coverage, lost sales, stockouts.

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