Store operations software

More informed, better-performing stores

Giving stores access to fresh, granular sales data can help them enhance store performance and open a line of communication from the shop floor all the way to HQ.
NextaIl Store execution software and mobile app

Essential sales performance metrics at your store staff’s fingertips

Make it easier than ever for stores to monitor sales performance, execute on tasks faster and more efficiently, and make more informed decisions on how to improve sales on the shop floor.

Store-specific sales data

Give staff direct access to store-specific data on sales, store stocks, weeks of cover, stockouts, store and warehouse availability, and more.

Access from anywhere

View the most important KPIs and smart reports seamlessly wherever you are from your mobile device.

Role-based views

Provide various users, including store managers, regional managers and HQ, access to options and reports tailored to their specific needs and responsibilities.

Communicate with HQ

Improve collaboration between store and HQ, enabling stores to request additional stock or communicate about product performance.


Continuous store & product sales monitoring

Empower store staff with store-specific, and continually refreshed granular data, enabling them to make informed decisions that directly influence sales.

Identify “hot” sales areas in stores

Money-mapping lets users scan multiple store items at once, displaying their total sales value. This sheds light on where the most value is being generated so you can keep maximizing it.

Zero sales & “ghost stock” reports

Detect shrinkage and unusual sales trends, such as instances where items listed in the company's top 30 fail to be purchased in a specific store, or situations where products that were previously selling well exhibit underwhelming sales despite their availability.

Check product availability & request units

Stores can check stock availability (in warehouses, in-transit and in stores) and request additional units from the warehouse. Requests can be automatically approved or can be reviewed by HQ to be fulfilled in the next replenishment.

Pinpoint top & bottom performers

Stores can quickly see their best and worst performing products as well as a treemap highlighting the number and percentage of units sold by product/store family in the last 7 days.

“Using the Top Products page I can quickly see my bestsellers and review
stockouts. Allows me to find areas in need of improvement quickly.”

– Charlotte Inge, Senior Allocator

“There’s a bit of an addictive and gamified quality to using the Nextail App. Every morning, store staff are eager to open up their dashboards to see how their products are performing and all the factors that might be affecting it – it’s all there.”

– Sankat Mochan, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Nexon Omniverse

“In addition to the positive business results we have achieved, Nextail has been instrumental in transforming our mindset as a company. Today, as a data-driven organization, we possess a deeper understanding of our customers and how Gina Tricot can continually evolve to deliver on our promise of ‘making women smile’ as we advance on our growth goals.”

– Par Linder, Chief Customer Officer


Powered by Nextail

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to serve you with one unified view of your merchandising performance and capabilities.

And the more solutions you plug in, the more powerful it gets.


Deploy with confidence

Our retail experts are here to make launching with Nextail smooth and simple.
Less than a month in, you’ll be able to see results and measure impact.


We’ll check and import your existing data


We’ll train your team and supervise first executions


You’ll see
tangible results
within a month

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