Reorder continuity & seasonal products
with SKU-level accuracy

Quickly adapt in-season orders as demand changes to unlock working capital and secure sales while reducing manual work by 50%.
Nextail inventory reordering avoids lost sales opportunities



Less manual work


Aligned with buyers


Define the sales potential and reorder quantities for each and every SKU

Speed up trading decisions and hit order windows more accurately with a single version of the truth and SKU-level demand forecasts.

SKU-level suggestions

No more product-level quantities spread across sizes. Consider true demand and projected stock at size level.

Reduce forward cover

By timing complex orders accurately and based on actual demand, you can avoid overcompensating with overstocks.

Go truly digital

Unlike ERPs and spreadsheets, Nextail enables your reordering operations to scale as your business and product offering grows.

Improve working capital

Reorder optimized quantities of seasonal and continuity products based on demand signals and supplier lead times.


Support the expertise of buyers with data

Align trading decisions with ongoing demand to maximize OTB, confidently going heavy or pulling back on items in response to what’s happening now.

Accurately repurchase products with limited sales history

Even for products with limited sales history, Nextail's machine learning algorithms can generate precise demand forecasts by family and store performance, enabling efficient reordering.

Define a scope with multiple constraints

Determine ideal order quantities by defining the scope of orders by product, stores, safety stock, planning horizon, and change in store and product layouts.

Get order timings right

With multiple options, SKU boxes, suppliers, MOQs, and lead times to consider, Nextail cuts down complexity, basing order timing on current demand and sales that account for seasonality, events, promotions and even channel expansion. And since reorder quantities are a breeze to review, you won’t miss another order cutoff.

“The Reorder solution really empowers the purchasing department because 98% of what we purchase is confirming what we already know, but it’s doing it a lot faster and it’s giving us a lot more time to dedicate that to other things that really add a lot more value.”

– Sinead O’Keeffe, Aristocrazy Product Manager

“ I’m really pleased with the solution and the outcome. We’re using Reorder for all our orders and have given up working with old manual fields and forecasts. In addition to more accurate orders, Reorder will continue helping us automate this process and give us more visibility over large reorder inputs.”

– Sinead O’Keeffe, Aristocrazy Product Manager

“Working with the Nextail team was very easy and helpful. From the very beginning, they understood the whole reorder process, the complexity of our business and products, and always listened to us, developing the necessary approaches and proposals. Their response time was also fast, and constant improvements allowed us to move quickly.”

– Marta García Villasante, Aristocrazy Senior Buyer

“The main reason we were ready to welcome the Reorder solution was to be able to save time on the reorder process while also achieving more adjusted results. Reorder is not an easy process that has a big impact, having a quality solution can be a big strategic advantage for a company.” 

– Marta García Villasante, Aristocrazy Senior Buyer


Powered by Nextail

Intelligent solutions need strong foundations. Our entire ecosystem is built on the Nextail platform, leveraging the latest technologies in AI and machine learning to serve you with one unified view of your merchandising performance and capabilities.

And the more solutions you plug in, the more powerful it gets.


Deploy with confidence

Our retail experts are here to make launching with Nextail smooth and simple.
Less than a month in, you’ll be able to see results and measure impact.


We’ll check and import your existing data


We’ll train your team and supervise first executions


You’ll see
tangible results
within a month

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