Sep 28 2021 ...
Woolrich enhances omnichannel processes to provide a better customer experience
  • The Original American Outdoor Company is doubling down on its commitment to offering a great customer experience through AI and advanced technology.


The Original American Outdoor Company, Woolrich, has taken its commitment to offering customers an impeccable experience to the next level. The iconic brand has chosen to partner with retail artificial intelligence platform Nextail in order to automate and centralize core inventory management which is allowing them to gain unprecedented insight for better, more coordinated omnichannel strategies, amongst other essential merchandising processes.

With the implementation of Nextail solutions (i.e. First Allocation, Replenishment and Store Transfers), Woolrich harnesses the power of AI and prescriptive analytics in order to automate and execute inventory management faster and more efficiently.

In addition, hyper-local, granular demand forecasting makes it possible for Woolrich to understand exactly which products are the most likely to sell at every point of sale within the brand’s physical network of stores. This unified vision across Woolrich’s inventory empowers teams to execute cross-channel decisions and further improve omnichannel management.

Claudia Alibrandi, Nextail Senior Customer Success Manager, commented on the partnership: “Woolrich is ready to take on new digital challenges and is setting itself up for success with a forward-looking mindset. Partnering with such an iconic brand has been an incredible delight because it proves that even the most established heritage brands are fully embracing a data-driven approach to core processes.”

About Woolrich

Founded in Pennsylvania in 1830, Woolrich is part of the fabric of the American outdoor landscape producing high-quality garments for outdoor enthusiasts for over 190 years and equipping those with a passion for exploring. The brand has pioneered products that have become icons in their own right like Buffalo Check and the Arctic Parka. Wear Woolrich to pursue your endeavors whatever the weather.