Feb 6 2024 ...
Jules partners with Nextail to transform core in-season merchandising processes
  • The French menswear retailer is set to boost sell-through and reduce missed sales opportunities due to precise inventory placement
  • Nextail will drive process and decision automation within the brand’s core in-season merchandise processes


Madrid: Leading French menswear retailer, Jules, has selected Nextail, the cutting-edge merchandise planning platform for fashion, to transform in-season merchandising processes through AI-driven demand forecasting and decision automation. Nextail is set to drive enhanced allocation and replenishment across Jules’s 550 stores in France and abroad.

Nextail enables fashion retailers to continuously align their merchandising decisions with dynamic demand. With the implementation of Nextail, Jules gains the ability to make demand-driven decisions, ensuring optimal allocation and replenishment to points of sale with the highest likelihood of capturing sales.

Beyond boosting sell-through rates and minimizing missed sales opportunities attributed to inventory misplacement, Jules will also reduce its reliance on safety stock. This move aligns seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to fostering a conscious and positive lifestyle while progressing towards a zero-waste business model, as stated in their mission to “establish a movement of better, more conscious and more positive men who enjoy life to the fullest while respecting the planet”.

By integrating machine learning and automation into these critical processes, Jules aims to significantly reduce the manual, time consuming efforts and enhance team productivity for more value-added tasks. Fashion retailers leveraging Nextail have the potential to cut time related to manual work by up to 80%.

Yannick Dussart, Jules Director of Supply Chain, spoke about the ongoing partnership, “Replenishment with Nextail is a real performance accelerator for the company, helping us transition from restocking based on sales, to basing this decision on an estimation of future sales. That, plus better granularity and management compared to previous tools, allows us to allocate inventory with much more precision. Our procurement teams quickly learned to use Nextail, but even more key to our success was how well store teams have received it.”

Juan G. Avedillo, Co-CEO of Nextail, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “We are delighted to support Jules in this pioneering collaboration, driving a forward-thinking approach to the brand’s merchandise planning. Their eagerness to embrace cutting-edge AI-driven solutions bolsters our confidence that this partnership will not only empower their current operations but also lay a solid foundation for a successful and dynamic future.”*

About Jules
Jules is a leading French menswear brand known for its contemporary and stylish clothing that reflects the essence of modern masculinity. With a strong commitment to fostering a positive and conscious lifestyle, Jules aims to establish a movement of men who enjoy life to the fullest while respecting the planet. The brand operates a network of 550 stores, both domestically in France and internationally, offering a diverse range of fashion-forward apparel that combines quality, comfort, and on-trend designs.