Concept Group chooses Nextail to advance digital transformation goals

Concept group agile retailer

Concept Group at a glance

Concept Group is a leading multi-brand fashion group based in Russia. Its brands (Concept Club, Acoola, and Infinity Lingerie) are sold across more than 200 stores in over 100 cities, as well as over the group’s ecommerce channels.

Concept Group and Nextail

When forward-thinking Concept Group began working with Nextail, they were eager to update their merchandising capabilities and digitize their organizational processes from the inside out.

Today, Concept Group brands use Nextail distribution solutions to best align supply and demand throughout their product’s life cycles.

Powered by artificial intelligence and prescriptive analytics, Concept Group is increasing operational efficiency across its replenishment and distribution processes to better meet hyper-local demand and reduce waste.

Concept Group brands also have centralized product metrics visibility across their store network and channels, ensuring high availability and low inventory in all stores. Additionally, at store level, staff can use the Nextail Store App which will enable them to more easily carry out daily tasks in order to better serve customers. Concept Group expects that by 2021, Nextail will be able to increase sales by 5%, reduce stock levels by up to 12% and automate decision-making behind inventory management processes.

Why Nextail?

Concept Group chose Nextail due to its highly advanced probabilistic forecasting capabilities, the fashion expertise of the Nextail team, and Nextail’s strong reputation as a transformative technology within the retail industry.

We chose Nextail because it is known for its level of sophistication and its potential to disrupt an industry that needs it more than ever”, says Elena Bogomolova, Concept Group’s CEO. “Implementing Nextail is aligned with our overall objective of actively bringing about the transformation we need at both organizational and operational levels to prepare our business for a data-driven future. Nextail will help us achieve this goal.”