Product Updates: Replenishment Solution

March, 2023

⛓️ All of your linked line information in one place

In the Replenishment Summary page, you can now access detailed information about each linked line in one place thanks to a new search feature and hover-over tooltips. 

Locate any linked line involved in a replenishment scenario through the search bar, and Nextail will display results for the active reference within that line. From there, you can easily find key metrics about linked lines such as: 

  • Which reference is currently “active”
  • How many units of each reference have been replenished
  • Current warehouse stock levels of each reference.

Learn more about how Nextail manages linked lines here!

Easily view which reference is currently “active”:

See how many units of each reference have been replenished: 

View how many units of each reference remain in the warehouse:

🔎 Easily inspect the Warehouse Threshold used in a scenario

If you’re a user of the Threshold-by-Warehouse feature, you no longer have to leave the Summary page to view the threshold level applied to a specific product, whether it’s the global or warehouse-specific threshold level. Just hover over the information icon and a tooltip will indicate the applied threshold(s). 

This icon will only appear if a product has been assigned a warehouse-specific threshold. If only a global threshold has been applied, the tooltip won’t appear.

⚡Navigation Upgrade: Preconfigured Executions

We’re moving the submenu option “Preconfigured executions” from the “Admin” menu to the “Replenishment” menu on March 21st. 

By grouping preconfigured executions with other Replenishment options under the same menu, the goal is to make navigation of Nextail easier and more intuitive when looking for this solution-specific functionality.