Ask Nextail – Retail & merchandising FAQs answered by the team

The Nextail team answers retail merchandising FAQs

Retail merchandising, specifically inventory management, is a broad and intricate topic on its own, let alone when combined with artificial intelligence and other advanced tech.

The Nextail team receives many FAQs about how these technologies – including those we develop – work, about the industry at large, and advice for dealing with current retail challenges.

In the “Ask Nextail” blog series, we’ve compiled the top questions from brands and retailers, industry experts, and people who are eager to learn more.

Members from various teams across Nextail help to answer these questions, bringing expertise from their experience helping retailers understand, implement, and be successful managing the radical change that comes with digital transformation in retail.

The questions on the minds of retailers today

Over the next few months, the list below will become populated with our 10 top FAQs. Click on any of them to learn more about the topics that retailers and other industry members are most curious about when it comes to retail merchandising, inventory management, and Nextail solutions themselves.

  1. What does it mean to take a “bottom-up” approach to merchandising?
  2. How can Nextail help make our next promotion a success?
  3. Retail merchandising solutions: Build vs. buy?
  4. How does Nextail manage multiple SKUs for identical products?
  5. How can Nextail prevent unusual demand patterns from distorting our data?
  6. Which three data sources fuel a robust demand forecast?

If you have a question of your own about retail merchandising or Nextail, contact us.

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