From Texas to Madrid: Life as an intern at Nextail

The Nextail team

Moving to Madrid for an internship at Nextail has been a pivotal point in my life. I have literally been introduced to a whole different side of the world and have been fortunate to work with an international group of very inspiring people.

The opportunity to work for a fast-growing retail tech startup, has been invaluable for my future, not only in terms of career development but also for my personal growth.

During my three-month placement within the Client Success department, one of my key responsibilities was to develop training and support material for their clients; leading European fashion and cosmetics retailers. This was one of the many factors that attracted me to Nextail, as fashion is my biggest passion and I have experience within the retail sector from working at a clothing and lifestyle store back home in the US.

Being a data-driven company, it was one of my priorities to gather client analytics and prepare usage reports. Usage reports allow the team to provide better support and value to clients.

I also focused on researching software solutions to help the team with new tasks and emerging business needs. Considering that the Nextail platform is based on optimizing inventory management and helping retailers become more agile, they are always looking for ways to operate more efficiently internally.

Lastly, within my role I assisted the Business Development department in the creation of new video materials for commercial purposes and identifying relevant prospects from attendee lists of key industry events.

This was my first job in an office environment so I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I received plenty of mentoring and support, and soon felt very settled in. I was given introductory sessions to each new task I had to do as well as weekly catch ups to check the progress. I knew I was always able to ask for further information or advice, in order to learn new things. When my internship finished I had a performance review meeting with the Client Success team to reflect on the experience, discuss my skill set and define areas of improvement. This is really valuable for my professional development.

Since the Nextail team is made up of 50 people, I was exposed to various departments which gave me great insight into both the structure of the business and organizational culture.

Everyday I was amazed by the intelligence and drive of the individuals. There is an incredible work ethic, and they collaborate strongly as a team which is very influential.

The company is very diverse, with people coming from different parts of the world — Spain (of course), Russia, France, England, Portugal, Hawaii, Italy, Serbia, and Germany. This is something I found really special being from Texas! I loved being able to connect with all of them. They are so kindhearted, and bring nothing but positive energy. We even did a potluck where each person brought in a typical homemade dish from their nation. I was welcomed with open arms and as cliche as it sounds, I can happily say I’ve created friendships to last a lifetime.

Lunch on the terrace at the Nextail office!

After my internship at Nextail I feel not only prepared, but inspired to continue developing my career in the retail industry. The experience has allowed me to grow immensely as a person. I can’t wait to find myself abroad again and to have the chance to be immersed in different cultures. Being in a startup is especially rewarding, as you work very closely with everyone and get to understand what builds a foundation for a successful business.

I have gained a vast amount of perspective and knowledge that I can apply as I finish my degree, and am so grateful to have had an opportunity that I believe will open many doors.

This has been the first step towards achieving my aspirations and I am excited for what the future holds!

Delenn Mosher, Client Success Intern at Nextail

Arizona State University W.P Carey School of Business

Business and Retail Management

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