Unveiling the story behind Nextail’s new corporate image

Two weeks ago, the whole Nextail Labs team gathered together in Valencia for our XII company outing. 28 people flew from 6 different countries to spend three days together, working and bonding.

The whole Nextail team during the company outing in Valencia

Company outings have been a tradition since the very early days of Nextail, in the first one there were only three people. I have already been to six of them and I find them to be one of the most enjoyable times at Nextail. We work on a startup, so our day-to-day is quite busy. Outings are the moments at which we can take some perspective and reflect as a group about where we are heading, what are the next challenges and how will we overcome them.

Nextail outings are also a great chance for everybody to meet the new team members. This time we had seven nextailers for whom this was their first outing and as the tradition says they had to perform a choreography in our first night out. Also it is the moment to see all those people that we normally can just meet via Google Hangouts since they work in different countries supporting our clients and expanding Nextail abroad.

Nextail team at one of the dinners (As usual, Marcos is too busy thinking about algorithms to open his eyes 😉

For us this was a refoundational outing. As the company grows, it becomes more important to have a solid culture and clear company values that everybody relates to. That is why we spent a significant amount of time speaking about what Nextail stands for and what being a nextailer means. The result of these sessions can be summarized in three key values:

Passion — We love solving complex issues through technology. We have fun working together and happily go the extra mile to achieve our goals. Passion is within each of us represented by the red color in our brand. We live our colors, we live retail and are determined to truly take it to the 21st century.

Innovation — Nextail is changing the way brick-and-mortar retail operates. We don’t challenge competitors, we disrupt them by using the latest technologies and fast-forwarding to the future with creativity. We are the creators of the Robin Hood store transfers, the Stock Ghostbusters and the Mojito button, among others… We don’t settle, we always keep innovating.

Impact — We want to truly make the retail world a better place, a place where a consumer walks into a store and easily finds what is looking for, and where retailers can quickly react to the needs of their business. Ultimately, we want our clients to see an impact on their top and bottom line. By providing them with a system that recommends the actions to be taken, calculates the expected outcome and measures the real impact, they are able to fully appreciate the value that Nextail brings to their business.

At the same time, we have developed a new corporate image to represent properly those values of passion, innovation and impact. As a result, I am happy to share with the world Nextail’s new logo! I personally think that it truly represents those values and brings a new and refreshing look to Nextail. We hope you like it!

Visit our website to see how Nextail is helping retailers transform their core merchandising decisions with AI and machine learning.

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