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Automated inventory optimisation for commerce

Better align supply and demand with the power of predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Sell more with less stock through predictive inventory optimisation

Fashion retailers lose billions of dollars every year due to markdowns and unsold products. High volatility in demand, interdependencies among sizes, visual merchandising rules are just some examples of challenges that standard algorithms do not know how to deal with.

Nextail helps retailers to sell more at full price by optimizing 4 key decisions:

  • Buying Recommended units to buy of new products

  • First Allocation Introduction of new products and new store openings

  • Replenishment Dynamic daily replenishments to the store network

  • Store Transfers Rebalancing of stocks among stores

The only end-to-end store transfers solution in the market

The power and speed of prescriptive analytics and optimisation in a cloud-based platform

Existing buying and allocation systems cannot handle the complexity of large store networks and rely on simplifications such as static business rules, store clustering or generic size curves. Nextail applies Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to break these system limitations while handling datasets with tens of millions of sku-stores combinations:

  • Minimise human intervention and errors Apply prescriptive analytics algorithms to automatically align inventory to demand.

  • Predict true demand across channels Measure and forecast internal and external factors with store-level size curves.

  • Avoid the clustering self-fulfilling prophecy Give each store and product the same opportunity to sell based on sales probability.

  • Generate alerts to flag specific situations When to reorder a product or which are the best performing trends.

  • Detect stock discrepancies Receive alerts based on automatic detection of changes in sales or inventory patterns.

  • Listen to your stores Gather structured feedback from stores to be included in the algorithms.

Clients using Nextail experience direct impact on their business

Currently retailers are not able to react to the reality of demand, resulting in overstocks and lost sales. With Nextail, retailers can focus on what they do best: selling.

Nextail Devices
  • Maximize product availability Optimized in-store product assortment and supply

  • More efficient use of stock Enhanced product rotation by placing each unit where it will sell the fastest

  • Increase full price sales Reduced lost sales and end-of-season leftovers

  • Stock outs decrease
    up to
    -60 %

  • In-store stock coverage reduced up to -30 %

  • Sales increase
    up to
    +5 %

Jan Heere Jan Heere Former Inditex Executive

When I look at inventory I think about profitability. It is not the same to sell one unit today as to sell one next week.

Nextail initially allocates less stock and reacts to actual demand where it really occurs. I call it to hustle at roulette, placing my bets when the ball starts to drop into the final number.

The most advanced retail specific business intelligence for inventory management in the market

Used at all levels of the organization, it is a one-stop shop to check KPIs with multiple dashboards. It allows your organization to understand the reality of the business on a single platform.

  • Retail Specific Sales, coverage, stock-outs and other retail KPIs always available and customized to your organization

  • Freshest Data Calculated automatically overnight so that you are always looking at the latest data

  • Multi-platform Available on your PC, tablet or phone

  • Very Visual Designed as a consumer app, it is very intuitive and easy to use

Advanced  busines s intelligence to improve decision -making and stock control in fashion retailers

Major retailers are already using Nextail

Our clients are already enjoying the benefits of having agile operations with Nextail! What are you waiting for?

Benefits of having agile operations in inventory management with Nextail
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  • Amichi
  • Melon Fashion Group
  • Stefanel
  • Impecavel
  • Tvoe

Currently we manage more than...

  • 2,500 Stores

  • 100,000 SKUs

  • $500 mn Inventory

  • Industry Categories

What makes us different?

We use our proprietary algorithms, predictive analytics, deep learning and artificial intelligence to make the retail world a better place.

  • Agile Retail DNA Our background is in fast fashion, and we export to any retail vertical the winning business model

  • Flexible SaaS Model Don't worry about big investments. We only charge a low monthly rate per store

  • Continuous Evolution The product keeps evolving with new functionalities on the roadmap with continuous updates free of charge

  • Short Set-up Time Forget about painful integrations, we have done it in less than one month

At Nextail we take a Robin Hood approach to inventory management, we take overstock from non-efficient stores and give it to those stores in need.


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