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Aristocrazy looks ahead: The power of agile retail for a faster post-COVID-19 recovery


Accessible high-end jewellery brand Aristocrazy is an example of a retailer that is coming out on the other side of the pandemic successfully and prepared for the future. Thanks to the brand’s adoption of a data-driven, bottom-up approach to core merchandising long before the crisis, it was able to remain agile during the many uncertainties and disruptions of the last year. Aristocrazy_quote_NextailAs the pandemic continues to wane, all signs point to continued success. Not only has Aristocrazy been able to quickly mitigate distorted and missing data, and uneven, shifting demand, it also managed to open 12 new stores and implement an omnichannel project in the meantime. Find out how in this case study based on the recent Nextail post-COVID-19 webinar!


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