The smart platform
for retail merchandising

Data-driven decisions for better, faster merchandising processes

Liberate yourself from static and limited merchandising processes like WSSI and other tools of the past. Nextail combines algorithmic, retail-specific solutions that help you gain flexibility and efficiency and lose manual tasks and guess work.


The best product mix at each point of sale and point in time to maximize sales and profit

Define and analyze product collections leveraging flexible parametrization, AI driven recommendations and simulations to maximize potential demand. Monitor, control and refine your product selection to make continuous informed decisions about product mix and structure.

& Reorder

Anticipate demand: always enough, never too much

Support the expertise of your buyers. Nextail helps them buy the right amount of new products by anticipating local demand. Mid-term, bottom-up forecasts at SKU-level ensure that their buying decisions are 80% data and 20% intuition, not the other way around.

First Allocation
& Replenishment

Full sales potential all season: the right items, in the right place

  • First Allocation
  • Replenishment

Allocate the right amount of initial units, at SKU level, across all of your channels and locations. Since you can anticipate demand at each location, you can avoid overstocking while keeping more units available in your warehouse for tactical distribution later.

Unify your online and offline stock through dynamic reservations of inventory in your warehouse. With the freshest data every morning, you can be proactive, assigning units in your warehouse to the stores with the highest selling probability rather than to clusters (size, location, etc.)


Prolong full-price sales: Transfer units within your network

Now you can maximize full-price sales, even up to the end of a product's lifecycle. With Nextail, you can see exactly how to move stock among stores to reduce overstock and consolidate broken size sets within your network. The best part? It takes minutes - not days.

& Promotions

Prepare your channels to capture the full potential of promotions and other events

Adjust your stock levels to capture all demand driven by promotions and events through advanced elasticity forecasting. Measure real elasticities to improve and prepare future promotions, and recalculate demand baselines to readjust coverage levels after events.


Empower company-wide decisions: Insights you can act on

  • Business intelligence
  • Store App

You'll have retail-specific, flexible and granular insights so that you can use your data like never before. Nextail doesn't churn out reports, it integrates these insights back into your systems so that your tasks are ready for execution. And since your data is available on a centralized platform, all levels of your organization can stay informed.

Empower store staff with more time and access to key store and product information. They'll be able to monitor store performance and carry out tasks even faster thanks to features like mobile scanning.

How it works

Nextail is the new system of record for invaluable information that's usually lost like daily stocks at SKU level, lost sales, store elasticity and more. Now you have full, unified visibility of stock and demand. Leverage it to improve and automate demand prediction and merchandising decisions.

To provide these insights and decisions, we leverage on the latest technologies, find more about it

Data science
Data science
Cloud security
Cloud security
Big data processing
Big data processing
Agile product development
Agile product development
Evolutionary architecture
Evolutionary architecture


No matter how big or small your company is, Nextail will fit. The platform is based on container schedules, workflows, streams, and distributed services. That's just another way of saying it can adapt to you and your data volume, no matter what.