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  • Joaquín was previously Head of European Logistics for Zara-Inditex. After working for many large organizations, where he didn't manage to eat that well, he decided to start a company where he could finally be surrounded by foodies. He is an Industrial Engineer and holds an MBA from INSEAD.

    In his spare time he enjoys elephant hunting, but not quite the one you might think of. When he is not with his wife and twins you can find him in an event near you searching for the next nextailer...

    Joaquín Villalba
    Joaquín Villalba CEO and Co-Founder
  • Carlos was previously a Sr. Manager at A.T. Kearney in Madrid and Frankfurt, working on strategic and operational issues in retail and other industries. He cut his teeth running Supply Chain at Whirlpool. He is an Industrial Engineer and holds an MBA with Distinction from London Business School.

    Carlos loves Peruvian and Japanese cuisines and has tried to learn to prepare sushi. He also dreams about keeping in shape, although in reality he spends most of his time playing with his 3 kids and reading.

    Carlos Miragall
    Carlos Miragall CFO/COO and Co-Founder
  • Javier has a B.Sc. in Mathematics from Universidad Complutense in Madrid. He has been working with prescriptive and predictive analytics for 15+ years. In 2008 he founded Decide, a Spanish company focused on using advanced analytics to solve complex problems for big companies.

    As a self-identified introvert, Javier is an avid reader and loves running, cycling and swimming, giving him alone-time to reflect on what he considers to be important. He is a proud husband and father of two kids, who are in fact the most important and difficult project he has.

    Javier Lafuente
    Javier Lafuente Co-Founder
  • Jose is passionate about technology, which comes from his childhood when he used to disassemble every possible device that he found. He received an Associate Degree in Business Administration and Finance, besides starting Informatic Engineering study in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Prior to Nextail he has worked in the healthcare industry as a Head of Administration.

    Jose loves movies, photography, board games and good company. He loves skating, cycling and beach sports such as volleyball, diving, and sailing with a kayak, ending up sleeping out under the stars.

    José Villalba
    José Villalba Support Coordinator
  • David holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Zaragoza and a Master in Supply Chain Management from Zaragoza Logistic Center. Prior to Nextail he worked as consultant and project manager in the telecommunications industry.

    In his spare time, he really enjoys outdoor activities and sports such as trail running and padel.

    David Vicente
    David Vicente Data Scientist
  • Marcos holds a M.Sc. in Mathematics and a Master in Mathematical Engineering from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since then, Marcos has been working in the field of Mathematical Optimisation and Data Science for companies such as IBM and Decide.

    Marcos likes running and biking. He can’t leave a maths problem unsolved, even if the problem appears at 3 am on the disc. He is also a convinced ecologist and loves cooking for many people. There is this rumor that he loves “profiteroles”, which is completely false...

    Marcos Peñamil
    Marcos Peñamil Optimization
  • Leo Antoli is a software development enthusiast with 20 years of experience in the field. As a consultant and a coach, he has helped numerous development teams across different companies. He teaches several courses of agile methodologies and best engineering practices.

    Leo loves to learn new things all the time, which explains his passion for reading, and spend time with his family and friends. He also likes outdoor activities such as running and hiking.

    Leo Antoli
    Leo Antoli CTO
  • Gonzalo holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a MBA with honors from Columbia Business School. Prior to Nextail Gonzalo worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and worked for Amazon Fashion.

    Gonzalo is a foodie and loves to travel. In his multiple trips to Italy he has developed a great taste for tiramisú. His tiramisú expertise is well-known amongst his colleagues who always ask for his opinion when eating this exquisite dessert.

    Gonzalo Hafner
    Gonzalo Hafner SVP Global Business Development
  • Frank holds a Software Engineering degree along with an Applied Mathematics degree with industrial specialization from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Prior to Nextail he worked at Gemalto, where he participated in governmental programs and border control solutions.

    Frank is also one of the two founders of, a pet adoption platform. He does his best to divide his spare time between Adoptalos, and his other two passions: cooking and his two cats. When traveling, he is the gastro-tourist of the group.

    Francisco García
    Francisco García Team Leader
  • After studying computer science at Valladolid University, Mario took on different challenges at Luce IT from 2010 until 2015. In 2015 he started working for the CARTO team as a Visual Designer where he learned a lot about design.

    In his spare time he likes drawing, riding bicycles, and participating in other open source projects such as Captain Icon.

    Mario del Valle
    Mario del Valle Product Designer
  • Julien Vantyghem holds a M.Sc in Financial Engineering & Computer Science from Mines Paristech. Prior to Nextail, he worked for 3 years as a quantitative analyst, designing automated trading strategies in a hedge fund, and then held the position of CTO in a French multi-channel sporting goods retailer for 4 years.

    On weekends, Julien likes to escape from Paris to pursue outdoor activities in French or Spanish countryside.

    Julien Vantyghem
    Julien Vantyghem VP Infrastructure and IT Ops
  • Susana studied Business Administration and holds a Master in Accounting and Auditing degree from the University of Valencia. Prior to Nextail, she worked as an auditor for Deloitte, S.L. and as an internal auditor for the Banco de Valencia, where she had the opportunity to participate, along with the FROB, in the process of selling the bank in 2013.

    Susana loves to spend time with her family. Travelling and reading fashion blogs in the cold evenings of Frankfurt are her passions as well. And of course… she always finds time to redecorate her house.

    Susana Biosca
    Susana Biosca Finance Manager
  • Marco started as a specialist in IT solutions, he has several years of experience in the supply chain of INDITEX, leading cutting-edge technology on warehouse systems (WMS and RFID). In recent years he has specialized in the implementation of high-performing teams for large projects in supply chain and logistics.

    In his free time, he enjoys building handmade tables and bookshelves (FdB Bros.), which are in high demand across the region ;)

    Marco Fejer de Bük
    Marco Fejer de Bük Head of Operations - Italy
  • Virginia worked as a consultant at A.T. Kearney, as auditor at Deloitte, and as an analyst in industry with special focus on finance. She holds an ICEX Master and worked for the Spanish Embassy in Indonesia.

    Virginia loves to travel. She visits places and people around the world whenever she can. She really enjoys meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and exploring new environments. As a result, she has been living abroad in many places such as Indonesia, China, Belgium, and Uganda.

    Virginia Fernández
    Virginia Fernández Head of Partnerships
  • Milan holds an MBA from INSEAD. He has worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company in the US and Russia, focusing on Retail and FMCG industries. Prior to McKinsey, he worked for P&G and Metro Cash & Carry.

    Milan is passionate about football. He used to be a football player, a referee and an avid fan. He owns the world's largest self-made stadium photo collection with stadium photos from ~100 countries.

    Milan Babic
    Milan Babic Country Manager USA
  • Txomin is a software development passionate since he was 12 years old. Before Nextail, he has grown as a professional in R&D projects developing enterprise an business intelligence solutions. Self-taught and eager to face new challenges, had the opportunity to work in web and mobile device development, where he has focused his career since.

    He is defined as geek and passionate about technology, especially everything vintage. He enjoys his free time collecting, restoring and giving daily use to all kinds of old computers, mobile devices, etc. On weekends, he loves driving his classic Mini on mountain roads enjoying the scenery and the company of his partner.

    Txomin Jiménez
    Txomin Jiménez Developer
  • Diogo holds a Bachelor in Economics and a Master in Management with Distinction from London Business School. After getting an early look into the startup world in the nascent mobile marketing industry, and prior to joining Nextail, Diogo took some time off to travel and volunteer in South America.

    Having lived in Porto, London and now Madrid, Diogo is always looking for the next destination where he can impress people with his “great” basketball skills. So far he hasn’t impressed that many, but he gets an A for effort.

    Diogo Guerra
    Diogo Guerra Head of Product
  • Ander is passionate about retail, technology and customer experience. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration, a Master in Ecommerce and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School. His career has led him to hold different senior positions focused on store operations and sales management at El Corte Inglés, Claire’s Accesssories and Metro Cash and Carry.

    He loves food and spending time with his family. In his spare time, when he isn’t playing with his son or discovering a new restaurant, you may find him enjoying a good play with his wife in a theater.

    Ander Hilario
    Ander Hilario VP of Client Success
  • Stephan holds a B.Sc. in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science with honors and is now doing a M.Sc. in Financial Economics at Higher School of Economics. Prior to Nextail, Stephan worked as a consultant at PwC Deals Advisory and as a programmer at the Moscow Exchange.

    He loves movies, books, chess and good company. He also enjoys running, skiing and playing volleyball.

    Stephan Zimin
    Stephan Zimin Client Operations Manager Russia
  • Jose Luis holds a M. Eng. in Aeronautical Engineering from Universidad Politécnica of Madrid and a Bachelor in Political Science from UNED. He worked up the consulting ranks in Accenture for nine years before working for technology giants Ericsson and Huawei. Through these positions, he has managed multi-year digital transformation programs, held global responsibility for a SaaS CRM product line and led several analytics and machine learning initiatives.

    In his spare time he enjoys riding his motorbike, listening to classical music, cooking and eating with friends and family, and participating in data science competitions. He's also an amateur Chinese ink painting practitioner and a horrible piano student.

    Jose Luis Hidalgo
    Jose Luis Hidalgo VP of Analytics and Data Science
  • Originally from Orense, Rocio holds a double engineering degree from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas - ICAI in Madrid. Prior to Nextail, she was a consultant at Management Solutions (both in Madrid and Oslo) and a member of the Operations & Distribution team at INDITEX (La Coruña). She came back again to Madrid become a Nextailer, but terribly misses living by the sea.

    Rocio loves travelling and skiing, so she does it as much as she can. She dreams of visiting every single country in the world and confirming that Spain is the best one to live in ;)

    Rocio Mendez
    Rocio Mendez Client Operations Manager
  • Juanjo studied Library Science where he found his passion for Information Architecture and organising all kind all things. After several years working as a web consultant he took the leap to the web development battlefield where real action lies. He has not looked back since.

    One of his passions is brewing beer and, of course, whenever possible, tasting it surrounded by friends and family in front of a grill full of good meat.

    Juanjo Fernández
    Juanjo Fernández Developer
  • Jerónimo is a Software Developer with over 15 years of experience in different sectors, from insurance companies to Spanish television websites. He founded his startup Otogami in 2012 trying to sell videogames at Otogami and running shoes at Runnics. An active participant in the Spanish software development ecosystem, he is one of the leaders of the Madrid Java User Group.

    Jero loves videogames, exercising, and eating with friends. He enjoys playing with his nephew or reading Sci-fi books.

    Jerónimo López
    Jerónimo López Developer
  • Alejandro is a Software Developer who studied at University of Zaragoza in Teruel. Prior to Nextail, he has worked as a Java Developer at SPMAS and CC3M, where he worked with Java technologies such as Spring and Liferay.

    When he is not working, he enjoys outdoor sports and a good book, and he is really passionate about cooking. And of course, he is a frequent participant in computer and geek events, because that’s not work!

    Alejandro del Rio
    Alejandro del Rio Developer
  • Jaime holds a B.A. in Business Administration from CUNEF and an Executive MBA from IESE Business School where he was class president. Prior to Nextail Jaime worked for El Corte Inglés, the BBVA Microfinance Foundation and BNP Paribas, having lived in Spain, the UK, Peru and Panama.

    In his spare time he enjoys traveling, spinning, photography and barbequeing (to compensate for the spinning).

    Jaime Barreiro
    Jaime Barreiro Strategic Projects Manager
  • Originally from Barcelona, Ramon has lived in Madrid, Valencia, Dundalk (Ireland) and Oslo (Norway). He holds a double computer engineering degree, (DKIT, UPV). He has worked in ERP and CRM companies such as Ahora soluciones, or Aura Portal and has given lectures at different security conferences.

    He loves video games, traveling and reading. He loves learning about other cultures and different ways of living. He is also interested in all types of “foreign cuisine”, and is a decent cook, though he hopes to improve his paella recipe!

    Ramón Campos
    Ramón Campos Client Support Associate
  • Born in Madrid, Juan got a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from the ICAI School of Engineering - Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.

    He has participated in different internships, first at Strategy& and then in Amazon (in Madrid and Milan) working in Operations. Juan is a fanatic of sports, especially of football and Real Madrid. He also loves traveling and learning about new cultures. He is excited to start the new adventure as a Nextailer!

    Juan Fernández-Daza
    Juan Fernández-Daza Client Operations Associate
  • Alberto holds a M.Sc. in Telecommunications Engineering from Universidad Pública de Navarra. He has more than 10 years of experience developing sites and applications for companies of all sizes and sectors.

    When he is not working he likes to spend time with his kid. He is also likes books, contributing to open source and watching series on Netflix.

    Alberto Rodríguez
    Alberto Rodríguez Developer
  • Catherine holds a Bachelor degree in International Marketing and Business with distinction from De Montfort University in the UK. Prior to becoming a Nextailer she worked in marketing for global healthcare and beauty organisations.

    Catherine loves learning new things, meeting new people and travelling. Having moved to Madrid recently it is likely you’ll find her in search of vegetarian restaurants, places to salsa dance, and exploring more of Spain’s regions. She is also founder of a natural organic beauty company, Indigenous Beauty.

    Catherine Acevedo
    Catherine Acevedo Marketing Manager
  • Konstantin holds a Master in Management degree from Higher School of Economics in Moscow. His professional experience includes strategy development in McKinsey&Company as a Analytics Support Coordinator and SME segment development as a project manager in bank VTB (Russia).

    Konstantin is passionate about cinematography and he would like to write a cinema plot one day. He loves trying interesting new cuisines and travelling.

    Konstantin Bolshukhin
    Konstantin Bolshukhin Account Manager Russia
  • Tancredi holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bocconi University and a Master in International Management from ESADE Business School. Prior to Nextail he worked as an intern at Max Mara and as a strategy consultant at Neokmos.

    He is a passionate traveller and a tireless walker, one of those weirdos you happen to find wandering around the city late at night, eyes upward and questionable music coming out of the headphones.

    Tancredi Ferraris
    Tancredi Ferraris Client Ops Associate Italy
  • Abel González is an internet cultured developer with 20 years of experience engaged with startups. He founded Infohostal, a hostel booking engine, and worked in Gigas, The Motion and HundredRooms.

    He lives in Tres Cantos, Madrid with his family. He likes literature and learning new languages. In his spare time… no, really, he has two kids.

    Abel González
    Abel González Developer
  • Cayetana studied Industrial Management Engineering and holds a MBA from IE Business School. She worked as a consultant at Everis and as an analyst at Técnicas Reunidas. She collaborated in the first venture builder in Spain, validating some business ideas, but is now very excited to be part of Nextail and to explore new paths in the retail sector.

    Cayetana loves exercising and doing sports, although she must say she has a soft spot for padel. A few years ago, she used to compete nationally and was champion of the Basque Country several times. Padel will always be in her heart. In her spare time, she also enjoys sewing and knitting. She has made some garments for babies, almost like haute couture.

    Cayetana Galaz
    Cayetana Galaz Client Operations Associate
  • Originally from Huesca (by the Pyrenees in Northern Spain), Sandra holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Navarra. Before joining Nextail, Sandra established her entire professional career in London. After having worked across various sectors and companies (Banco Sabadell, PA Consulting and Euromonitor) she decided that moving to the world of Tech was the most exciting and promising thing to do. She brings great experience in building client relationships and strategies and aims to take Nextail´s clients experience to the next level.

    In her spare time Sandra loves travelling with her husband and discovering new foods -spicy please! She is also a person who never rests and loves walking everywhere, skiing, going to the gym…

    Sandra Campo
    Sandra Campo Client Success Manager
  • Adrian, Dataholic and Software Engineer, graduating from University of A Coruña. In addition to having worked in an E-Commerce Startup and in Gradiant as Senior R+D Engineer, he is a co-founder of two startups. One focused on Big-Data technologies and the other in the development of advanced running Wearable, being the last one funded through Open Future.

    In his spare time, he participates in competitions like Kaggle and researching in Deep Learning and Self-Driving. He is a sports car lover and cinema fan. Fugitive of Jiu Jitsu, he tries to escape to remote and exotic places.

    Adrián Portabales
    Adrián Portabales Data Scientist
  • Natalia is a professionally qualified program and project manager, who has worked in multiple organisations such as Santander, Barclays and Department of Transport in Moscow in the UK and Russia, focusing on operational post-merger integrations and company-wide transformations. She holds a Masters from Cass Business School.

    Natalia is very interested in literature and is currently reading for her Masters in Literature and Arts at the University of Oxford. In her spare time, she tries to fit in contemporary dancing, travelling, redecorating the house, going for long walks with her dog and spending time with friends and family.

    Natalia de Blasio
    Natalia de Blasio Strategic Projects Manager
  • Eduardo Ferro is a passionate software developer with more than 20 years of experience solving problems in complex environments (telecommunications, retail, traffic systems, video advertisement, etc.). Very interested in learning about peopleware and team collaboration, since people are the most fundamental part of any complex system.

    Prior to Nextail, he worked as a software architect and team lead at a Video Advertisement startup. He is very aligned with the Agile Software Development, Lean and System thinking movements. Eduardo assumes that the most efficient way to solving complex problems is using consecutive small cycles of Probe-Sense-Respond. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, spending time with his family, learning about anything and bodyboarding (whenever possible!).

    Eduardo Ferro
    Eduardo Ferro VP of Engineering

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