Retail Data-Forwardness Index 2020

Tracking data talent in fashion retail

An introduction to a recurring study of fashion’s progress toward “new retail”

The “new retail” requires new technologies, processes, and customer insights based on data in order to keep up with constantly shifting demand across channels. But are fashion organizations hiring professionals with the right skills to turn it into something meaningful and with true business impact?

They seem to be, since data-related professionals in fashion retail companies have grown more than 7% since 2019.

Our latest report is an introduction to the “Retail Data-Forwardness Index” (RDI) that measures the extent to which major fashion brands and retail organizations are investing in data-related professionals over time.

We explore preliminary findings from 2019, replicated in 2020, and introduce the new, broader Index which includes more than 20 of the world’s top fashion brands and groups and information about the more than 2,000 data-related professionals among them.

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