Valextra selects Nextail to optimize merchandising processes and fuel growth

  • Italian luxury handbag and accessories retailer Valextra will leverage Nextail AI end-to-end platform to improve and scale core merchandising operations

MADRID: Nextail, the smart retail merchandising platform, today announces its partnership with luxury accessories brand, Valextra, famed for its unique range of “Made in Italy” handbags and leather goods. Valextra has selected Nextail to bring speed and new efficiencies to its in-season merchandising processes from forecasting, first allocation and reorder, to replenishment and store transfers as the retailer prepares for growth.

Entrusted with driving the brand’s operational efficiency, increasing sell-through and optimizing product visibility, Nextail will bring new levels of granularity to Valextra’s core merchandising and inventory processes. New AI capabilities will enable Valextra to closely monitor their levels of stock to ensure that each high-value product is exactly where it needs to be at moments of high purchase intent and to identify stockouts and reorder when necessary to avoid costly missed sales opportunities.

Valextra’s merchandising teams will also be able to shed manual processes related to in-season inventory management such as replenishment and store transfers to shave off weeks of time spent on execution to refocus efforts on continuing to deliver excellent customer service as the retailer opens more stores.

The partnership will also enable Valextra’s backroom processes to be as robust as possible but also offers great agility through operations that are able to support a perfect customer experience. Nextail offers Valextra more than just a best-in-class merchandising solution as it is able to apply synergies between the high-efficiency world of fast fashion and the curated world of high fashion that Valextra requires.

Commenting on the agreement, Brian Crain, CRO at Nextail said, “Partnering with Valextra further consolidates our position within the Italian luxury fashion industry and demonstrates the strengths of Nextail in supporting the demand for highly curated assortments that delight. We look forward to supporting Valextra as they grow from strength to strength.”

About Valextra

Created by Italian engineer Giovanni Fontana in 1937, Valextra has always infused every object with beauty and functionality, exuding the Milanese lifestyle that encompasses understated sophistication and pragmatism. Its history is defined by its restless observation of people’s evolving needs and desires that has led to the invention of leather goods with a new refined aesthetic. Adapting to time and occasion, Valextra engineers objects of desire that combine beauty with fluidity of functions. This is uniquely made possible due to the urban craftsmanship that captures human needs and lifestyles, with timely observation and inventive sophistication.

About Nextail

Nextail is a smart retail merchandising platform that empowers retailers to sell more with less stock through hyper-local demand forecasting and agile automation. By increasing stock efficiencies across channels, retailers can automate the science of retail and dedicate more time to creative and strategic work.

Customers typically see sales increases up to 10%, 30% lower coverage levels, and 60% fewer stockouts in addition to being able to increase the sustainability of their operations by reducing leftovers and overproduction. Nextail works with more than 60 global brands and retailers, including River Island, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Pepe Jeans, and Grupo Suarez. Visit