R-mixed selects Nextail as a key partner for growth in launch of 4 new fashion brands

  • R-mixed brands will achieve “process excellence” through faster, more efficient decision-making cycles as it quickly opens 250+ stores
  • Nextail was selected for its deep domain expertise in fashion and collection-based retail models

Madrid: Fashion group R-mixed, committed to expanding its offerings with exciting and unique new brands, has chosen Nextail, the smart platform for retail merchandising, as a key partner as the group launches four new fashion brands: Maag, Vilet, Ecru, and Dub. This partnership marks an exciting chapter for R-mixed as it looks to create a store footprint of more than 250+ stores, the first of which opened in April.

R-mixed’s Dubai-based retail teams will be able to automate and embed intelligence into their core merchandising processes with Nextail end-to-end solutions for retail merchandising resulting in faster, more efficient decision-making cycles and overall “process excellence” required of today’s top-performing brands. R-mixed has commenced the brand launch leveraging in-season solutions for initial allocation, replenishment, and channel rebalancing in addition to business intelligence smart reports and in-store applications.

R-mixed, empowered by tried-and-true AI merchandising solutions, will be able to optimize inventory decisions at the network and store levels to unify retail operations across its four new brands. These capabilities will help R-mixed ensure the scalability of the network’s operations as they advance on their aggressive growth targets.

“The sophistication of Nextail solutions, the domain expertise of the team within fashion and collection-based retail models, and the experience within the local market were absolute factors for having selected Nextail as a partner for this multinational project,” said Tony Khoury, R-mixed IT Manager.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with R-mixed as they launch their exciting new brands. With Nextail, R-mixed brands will be able to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive retail landscape by aligning merchandising decisions with actual demand no matter how it evolves and as the brands continue to grow,” said Juan Avedillo, Co-CEO of Nextail.

About R-mixed

We are R-mixed! R-mixed is a new fashion group, born with a splash, offering continuity to an exceptional fashion journey. We are newcomers, but we pride ourselves for being the flag bearers of major fashion power houses. We offer our customers a contemporary lifestyle, through garments, footwear, and adornments. R-mixed opened its first store in April-2023 and we rapidly grew to a sizeable 243 stores! Our brand portfolio is addressed to a large customer base, of varied age groups and interests! Our brand portfolio includes MAAG, ECRU, DUB and VILET. R-mixed has developed quickly with stores opening in major metropolitan areas, over a wide geography. You are welcome to visit our Offices and Stores!

About Nextail

Nextail is a retail merchandising platform that empowers retailers to sell more with less stock through hyper-local demand forecasting and agile automation. By increasing stock efficiencies across channels, retailers can automate the science of retail and dedicate more time to creative and strategic work.

Customers typically see sales increases up to 10%, 30% lower coverage levels, and 60% fewer stockouts in addition to being able to increase the sustainability of their operations by reducing leftovers and overproduction. Nextail works with more than 60 global brands, including River Island, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Pepe Jeans, and Grupo Suarez.