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Accelerate your merchandising transformation

New demand shifts in fashion retail require both digital and merchandising transformation for full agility and flexibility. More than ever, your success depends on how close you can get to customers, listen to data and empower teams with the right tools.
Demand forecasting

Use low rotation forecasts and data from comparable products and past seasons, to compensate for a lack of data.

Adjust planning horizons and run sensitivity scenarios to balance out demand uncertainty.


Gain a unified view of inventory across online and physical stores, giving stores visibility of ecommerce stock.

Avoid siloed stock and increase product availability through dynamic buffers during distribution planning.
Allocation & replenishment

Prioritize replenishment of seasonal references and reinforce initial allocation of products pushed forward into pre-fall.

Store Transfers

Move stock across stores, anticipating reopening calendars and the speed of recovery, or while stores remain closed.

Re-assign products back to online warehouses to maximize product availability across ecommerce platforms.


Reinforce distribution levels across channels and stores to accommodate for extra elasticity of demand.

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At Nextail, we’re committed to leveraging our technology, data capabilities, and fashion retail expertise to empower you and counteract the consequences of COVID-19 on your business.

Insights from Nextail

Opening the doors to new demand shifts in fashion retail

As fashion brands and retailers start to get back to business, they'll be opening their doors to a new set of customer behaviors and expectations.

A merchandising action plan for post-COVID-19 fashion

The merchandising-specific action plan lays out short and mid-term actions that you can apply quickly based one your specific business situation as business picks up again.
people wearing masks against the covid-19

Fashion retail after

We look to crises of the recent past (SARS, MERS, The Great Recession) and early recovery signs in China to draw conclusions about fashion retail after COVID19 crisis.
Best practices for counteracting Covid-19

Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on your fashion retail business

To help you assess the potential impact on your fashion retail business, in particular regarding your inventory and merchandising decisions, we've created...

What Nextail volunteers are doing in Spain

The COVAID initiative brings Nextail volunteers together to fight the COVID-19 crisis by offering their time, support, and Nextail technology at no cost. Learn more about this new project here.