We're all in this together

We’re committed to working closely with fashion retailers
so that we all come out stronger after COVID-19

Accelerate your merchandising transformation

New demand shifts in fashion require both digital and merchandising transformation for full agility and flexibility.

Your success depends on how close you can get to customers and listen to the data. Adjust your demand forecasts, compensating for demand distorsions and lack of data, and prepare your stock across channels, online and offline, to increase product availability and capture demand.

Let us help you

At Nextail, we’re committed to leveraging our technology, data capabilities, and fashion retail expertise to empower you and counteract the consequences of COVID-19 on your business.

Insights from Nextail

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Mitigating the effects of COVID-19 on your fashion retail business

What Nextail volunteers are doing in Spain

The COVAID initiative brings Nextail volunteers together to fight the COVID-19 crisis by offering their time, support, and Nextail technology at no cost. Learn more about this new project here.