Studio Moderna joins forces with Nextail to automate merchandising decisions across its global network

Studio Moderna customer announcement

Studio Moderna at a glance

Studio Moderna is a leading multi-brand and direct-to-consumer retailer with significant scale and reach across Central and Eastern Europe. Studio Moderna has built strong proprietary brands across the home, living, health and wellness categories. Its omnichannel network consists of approximately 400 retail stores across 21 countries and a strong foothold in e-commerce with over 180 websites visited by around 350,000 customers every day.

Studio Moderna and Nextail

With the deployment of Nextail, Studio Moderna is able to take a unified, agile approach to merchandising, making it possible to coordinate inventory management across its network which is spread across its large, international store and online footprint.


Additionally, Studio Moderna is automating and optimizing inventory management such as stock movements which, until now, had been a process carried out manually. Not only does this retail automation free staff from hours of manual work, it also increases the efficiency of allocations for increased agility and sell-through across the entire network.


Regarding Studio Moderna’s selection of Nextail technology and partnership, Nextail Region Leader of Central & European Europe, Piotr Podsiadło, said:

“Studio Moderna is an excellent example of a leading retailer that is investing in ensuring continued success through an agile retail approach. Nextail is proud to partner with Studio Moderna as it continues to strive for excellence in its retail operations. Eventually, that increased agility will prevent lost sales related to products piling up in stores with lower demand, as well as increase customer satisfaction.


Why Nextail?

Studio Moderna chose Nextail solutions due to their proven ability to increase the agility of such large, omnichannel retailers with international reach.

For more than 29 years, Studio Moderna has been committed to giving customers a strong offering of products that improve their lives, many that have become household names,” said Marija Cekić, Central Planning Manager leading the project at Studio Moderna.

As customer demands and needs have evolved in complexity and scope, we sought a solution powerful enough to help us continue offering a great experience over such a vast, diverse network. Our partnership with Nextail allows us to take our merchandising to the next level, ensuring that we meet customer demand from all sources while responsibly using our inventory.”

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