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Neck & Neck

Precise replenishment & accurate demand forecast

Neck & Neck has precise replenishment thanks to full stock visibility & better demand forecasting

About Neck & Neck

Neck & Neck is a leading Spanish kidswear brand with over 135 stores located in 12 countries and more than 300 employees.

Family-oriented values inspire their decisions, way of working, as well as their collection designs. These values exemplify the philosophy that has guided the brand ever since it was founded in 1993.

With a clear and strong international focus from the very beginning, Neck & Neck has been working hard throughout its history to offer their creations worldwide.

The challenge

Neck & Neck had a traditional, “homemade” method for planning and executing store replenishment. The manual process worked, but was imprecise. The brand often had a large number of items that had little to no rotation, forcing them to offer steep discounts at the end of each season in order to increase final sellout. Neck & Neck decided it was time to make their allocation process more professional and invest in a tool which would speed up the process and attain a better demand forecast.

Working with Nextail

Neck & Neck started working with Nextail in 2017. The brand onboarded the Replenishment and Store Transfers modules in order to professionalize stock management, make processes more agile, and improve average stock coverage while reducing stock levels.

>Neck & Neck chose Nextail because of its expertise in the industry, the team of fantastic professionals behind it, its price to value ratio as a SaaS company, its flexibility and adaptability, and of course due to the excellence of the tool itself.

Impact at a glance*

Nextail helped Neck & Neck strategically reposition itself within the high-end fashion sector which requires higher exclusivity with the least amount of stock, but also the same availability. Although available stock was reduced, Neck & Neck increased the value of sales. This was possible due to better distribution of their product scarcity both in stores and in the warehouse.

Nextail’s meritocratic approach helped Neck & Neck accomplish an average of 20 weeks of stock coverage in their network. Furthermore, Neck & Neck was able to monitor stockouts to avoid lost sales. Stock-outs dropped to a value below 5% during the whole season.

The Store Transfers module led Neck & Neck to increase sales of products with little to no rotation and helped the brand reach sellout before pre-sales and Christmas sales on in-season products with far better results than the year before.

*Results from the Winter 2018 collection.

  • 30% reduction in production with no effect on sales figures
  • 40% reduction of in-store stock with no effect on sales figures
  • 20 week stock coverage
  • Stock-outs reduced to <5% during the entire Winter 18 season