Nextail celebrates International Women’s Day 2021

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women around the world. At Nextail, we also take this time to recognize the significant contributions of women in our own organization in which women currently make up 36% of our leadership team which is on par with female representation in the company.

We celebrate the strides being made, especially at the professional level in some industries (e.g. the increase of female fashion leadership), though we recognize that there is still much work to be done when it comes to the acceleration of women’s equality and inclusion.

To commemorate the day, we asked Nextailers from across the company for their thoughts on what and who they’re celebrating.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

To me, Women’s Day is a day of happiness and recognition! I usually celebrate it surrounded by women who I admire both personal and professionally. Many of them have had to fight for their achievements and this day makes all of that hard work visible. There’s a long road ahead of us but knowing that we’re in it together is a comforting thought.” – Ros Mayo, Senior Product Manager

For me, Women’s Day means and represents the day in which we have the most visibility – in case there is still someone who has not realised that we have rights, and to remind ourselves that while we are all equal, women also have a voice!– Belen Martínez, Software Developer

How can women support other women?

“By having a voice!” – Rosa Ferrando – Software Developer


By giving each other opportunities and encouraging and supporting one another without judgement. We can also give each other visibility and fight together for a diverse world where women clearly have a role in bringing value to the workplace while conquering new management roles that allow for a work-life balance.– Virginia Fernández – Head of Partnerships

Amplify other women: Let’s give each other credit for a job well done!– Stefanie Arns, Head of Business Planning and Analysis

Women can support other women by being each other’s champions. Easy things like when in a group meeting, make sure each other’s voices are heard and acknowledge what another woman has said (an HBS study has proven that men tend to take an idea of a woman as their own).  Or sharing positive feedback in public forums about other women to promote their work.– Deb Li, VP of Customer Success

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day this year?

This year, I’ll be acknowledging the incredible females in all areas of my life, including my strong, hard-working colleagues at Nextail. I’d also like to celebrate those parents who are currently raising their children in a way which normalizes gender equality.” –  Rebecca Moy, Content Manager

I celebrate today by working hard on what I love to do as a way to celebrate and honour the women in the past that have fought to give us the chance to grow and work in a more equal and safe environment.” – Cynthia Morales, Graphic Designer

Who is a woman you appreciate?

I love Virginia Woolf, I worked with Karen Law (a very inspiring leader and a friend), my Polish language teacher taught me critical thinking…the list of significant women in my life goes on and on! March 8th is yet another opportunity to remember them all and reflect on their impact and heritage. I hope that step-by-step we’ll stop hearing statements like ‘I’m a woman and I don’t like working with other women’. We ourselves should be able to go beyond stereotypes that try to define us. Let’s do it!– Ula Iwanska, Head of Talent

I am lucky to have always been surrounded by strong female role models. Professionally, for instance, my previous managers Anne, Birgitte and Pia, are strong and passionate women that know how to lead while empathizing with others.Blanca Lanaspa, VP of Product



I really admire Jane Goodall. She was the first woman to study primates, achieving great discoveries about their behaviour and nowadays she fights for the environment but also for women to have an education.” – Lucia Vioque, Inbound Marketer


From all of us at Nextail, Happy International Women’s Day 2021! 

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